Comic Convention Behaviour

For geeks and fans of comic books, Japanese anime, and TV series, a comic con is the ultimate event of the year. With all the booths that are filled with merchandise, people wearing costumes of their favourite character, and celebrities who have meet and greet sessions, the comic convention is a paradise. These fans often get too overwhelmed with everything that they are seeing that they forget what they should be doing there. Proper behaviour is required in events like this to respect other fans who are also dying to meet their idols. Here are some helpful tips on what you should be doing in a comic convention.

First, plan ahead of time. You should have an itinerary of some sort where you should include certain details such as your travel time to go the event, the booths that you will be visiting, the things that you will bring, and many more. If you do not have a plan, it might be difficult to be spontaneous with so many things that are going on around you. As a result, you might miss out on something that you would have wanted to take a look at.

Go to the venue earlier than the actual start of the event. A comic con would usually be packed with thousands of people. Anticipate long lines and come early so that you would have time to relax, take photos outside of the venue, and even mingle with other fans. If you have a scheduled photo session, meet and greet, or book signing, find the room where these will be held so you can stand in line immediately. Do not waste time by getting lost in the sea of people.

Once you see a celebrity, do not overreact. Do not scream, faint, or go overboard because if you do, the celebrities might get uncomfortable. It’s enough to show your excitement by showing them the biggest smile that they could ask for. Some of the celebrities may be tired or stressed so inappropriate behaviours may trigger the inner beast in them. Treat them well and show your respect to them.

Learn to interact with people. You do not always get the chance to meet other fans of a certain anime so grab the opportunity to discuss your feelings and insights with them regarding the latest episode and such. You can also make friends while waiting in line for your turn. People in comic con are usually kind because they feel happy that they are present in the event. You can always start a conversation by asking him/her for his/her favourite character in the series. Isn’t it nice to share something in common with a total stranger?

Have fun. Enjoy every minute that you are in the event because it will be over without you even noticing it. Never let anyone or anything destroy your mood. Just keep the positive vibes going. You never know, there might be a surprise that’s waiting for you in the convention.